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14 Dec 2014
j john sebastian attorney
A personal injury attorney helps you to get compensation for that damage caused because of somebody else's negligence. As the lawyer is of great importance, you shouldn't hire him/her constantly.

j john sebastian attorney
When to work with a injury lawyer

 You must only consider hiring a lawyer in the case of the next:
 You sustained serious injuries which you feel have long-term repercussions. For example, you could have hurt your vertebrae and you also feel that you will not be able to perform your everyday tasks as before.
 The other driver active in the accident was uninsured or underinsured
 You are in a dispute using the other driver over who had been at fault
 You 're feeling that you aren't fully paid for your existing and future medical costs.
 You 're feeling that you're being pressured to agree to a quick settlement.

If not to employ a lawyer

You ought not hire an attorney if the car accident injuries are minor. For example, you should not hire a lawyer if you only were built with a bruised knee cap. The reasons you should not employ a lawyer if you have minor injuries is really because the compensation that you will get will not justify the legal costs.

What to submit to the attorney

If you have major injuries, and you have chose to hire a lawyer, you need to submit certain details towards the attorney to allow him/her to easily work with your case. The facts that you need to submit include:

 Your name, driver's license number, along with your car insurance number
 Location with the accident
 Date and duration of the accident
 The weather conditions at the time of accident
 Police report
 Traffic tickets written at the scene of accident
 Information on whether you were charged with driving drunk (DUI).
 Medical bills
 Physician's report
 Number of days that you were far from work and also the amount of money you lost
 Copies of correspondence between anyone with a insurance provider that's related to the accident.

What to expect after hiring the attorney

You need to note that proceedings take time to be resolved thus you should be patient with all the attorney. If you reside in a heavily populated area, the truth will take even several years to be resolved.


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